HubertHaus' operations take place on our 120 acre property in Golden British Columbia, Canada. The cutting of our clients timberframes consist of a very unique process. The finest hand selected interior B.C. tight grain Douglas fir and Cedar logs available are sourced from a local woodlot, seasoned, milled and then are planed 4 sides. The timbers are then positioned into our Krüsimatic G1 Automated joinery robot. Using computer precision the Krüsi takes advantage of its array of its 14 variable drive motors and mechanical cutting and milling tools to facilitate the creation of tenons, mortises, dovetails and many other dozen timberframe joints and connections. These timber joints and connections are cut to appropriate scale to facilitate exact structural engineered applications and accuracies of 1/64 of an inch and less. The timberframe is then handsanded, UV stained and packaged ready for delivery to your building site.

Combined with the hand finishing of every piece, this Krüsi CNC process is in high demand due to the quality, precision, faster productivity, and attractiveness of price. Our clients do not have to wait long to get their Timberframe and depending on size it can be available with-in even a week or two of the first contact. You will admire the tight finish of all the connections that bear the signature of quality.